HMO - House of Multiple Occupancy

HMO is a name given to a property which is different to a Private Rental which stands for A House of Multiple Occupation.  It is defined by the property being occupied by a group of people, at least 3,  who are not all members of the same family.  The property has shared facilities, such as a kitchen, bathroom or toilet.  

Licensing by the local authority is mandatory for all HMOs which have three or more storeys and are occupied by five or more people.

A license can also be dependent on the Local Authority as this does vary from Borough to Borough.  

Being a Landlord of an HMO property there are rules and regulations that should be followed, as well as the usual being responsible for the maintenance and repair to the property you would also have to ensure that you comply with the local fire safety regulations, including the installation of smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.  A new Legislation came into force on 1st October 2015 for all tenanted properties to also have these installed.

Gas Safety Checks should be carried out annually and the testing and inspection of electrical installations at least once every five years.  These should be adhered to as if they are not carried out Landlords may suffer large fines.