Unoccupied Properties Insurance

Unoccupied Properties & Properties Undergoing Structural Works

Most property insurance policies will not cover you for long term unoccupancy or whilst structural works are being undertaken. These situations can often arise prior to a property being occupied by tenants and so we have developed some expertise in this area and have access to a range of Insurers who will offer cover to property owners who find themselves in such a situation.

Various options are available including policies for shorter periods of 3 or 6 months.

Cover is usually restricted to losses as a result of Fire, Lightning, Aircraft and Explosion but can be increased to include certain additional risks such as Subsidence, right through to full cover including Malicious Damage and Theft.

You will usually be expected to arrange for inspection the property on a regular basis, usually at least every seven days and you should keep a log of these visits.

If you have a property undergoing works you may wish to consider arranging cover for these works, known as Contractors All Risks or Contract Works cover, we can assist with this where required on an annual or project basis.